DataChart 1250 Paperless Recorder



The Data Chart 1250 Paperless Recorder is a feature rich digital recording system offering 2 universally configurable isolated inputs for measuring DC Voltage, DC Current, thermocouples, RTD's as well as pulse inputs. 4 Internal Alarm setpoints, 2 Alarm Relay outputs and 1 digital control input are all standard. Combining small package size with extreme flexibility make the DataChart 1250 a powerful, yet economical, digital data recording system.

A maximum sample storage rate of 100 samples per second can be set for both channels allowing for capture of short duration process signals anomalies. CompactFlash cards up to 2 Gigabytes in size can be used allowing many data points to be stored over long periods of time.

With intuitive operation, flexible input configuration and large memory capability, the DataChart 1250 is a powerful compact digital recorder.

Paperless Recorder Features

  • DataChart Navigator Lite Software Included
  • Highly Reflective Twisted Nemantic LCD Display with Bright White LED Backlight
  • Easy to Follow Configuration Menu
  • 100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz Universal Wall Transformer Power Supply (N.A. Version)
  • Real Time Clock and Internal RAM for Preserving Data
  • Available with Battery Pack (Optional)
  • Measure Display and Record RPM (5 - 600,000 Range)
  • Front Accessible USB Port (Optional)


Part # DC1250
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Paperless Recorder Accessories
Navigator Software Navigator
NEMA4/IP65 Splash Proof Cover SPC-1250
250 Ohm Precision Resistor for Current Inputs 0.1%; 0.25 Watt 20mA max. MAS250R
Temperature/Humidity Sensor with 8ft Cable THS-W
Remote Optical Sensor with 8ft Cable, Mounting Bracket and 12 inches of reflective tape ROS-W
Magnetic Trigger Sensor/Amplifier with 8 ft Cable MT-190W
Infrared Sensor with 8 ft Cable Tinned Wires and Mounting Bracket IRS-W
Replacement Parts
Standard AC Adapter, 100-240 VAC (North American Version) PSC-1W
Standard AC Adapter, 100-240 VAC (Interchangeable Plug Set) PSC-1UW
Optional NIST Calibration
Standard NIST DC Voltage Calibration (1 Point) Note: 3 to 5 Day Lead Time for All Calibration Orders CAL-NIST-DCVOLT


All information is based on Standard version. See Options for Related Specs.

Input Power 9 V DC +/- 0.5 VDCC @ 5VA (Depends on External Loads) provided by external AC wall transformer (provided), non-isolated. 100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Output 2 Outputs 5 Volts DC @ 50mA to power external sensors.
Number of Channels 2 Universal, User Selectable Channels
Collection Mode First In - First Out (FIFO) or Stop when Full
Isolation 300 Volt AC/DC Channel Input to Chassis Ground
DC Input Voltage Range: 0-250mV;0-1.25Volt; 0-2.5V;0-5V;0-12.5V;0-25V
Accuracy: 0.1% of Reading
Resolution: 0.025% of full scale
DC Input Current Range: 0-20mA;4-20mA;0-50mA
Accuracy: 0.1% of reading excluding 250 ohm external shunt (required)
Resolution: 0.025% of full scale
Thermocouple Accuracy: 0.3% if full Scale (Typical)
Ambient Temperature Sensor Accuracy: +/- 1.5C
RTD Accuracy: 0.3% of full Scale (typical)
Resolution: 0.1°C
Internal Current Source: 1mA
Pulse Input (Hz) / Speed Input (RPM) Range: 0 to 10,000 Hz / 0 to 600,000 RPM
Accuracy: Freq: +/- 1Hz; RPM: +/- 1RPM
Input: Low <1.0 Vdc; High: > 3.0 < 12.0VDC 
Pulse Width: 10 microsecond Minimum
Input Impedence > 100k ohms
Measurement Rate Up to 100 samples/second per Channel.
Math Function Y = mx + b; average, hi peak, low peak
Media CompactFlash™ to 2 GB
Display LCD Graphics, 160 x 80 pixels, Black FSTN with white LED backlight. User controlled Backlight level and contrast adjust (Electronic)
Display Modes Trending (horizontal), large Dual Digital Readout, Mixed Mode
User Interface 5 Button Keypad (Dual Function Buttons)
Clock Auto Leap Year and daylight Savings Adjustment. Internal Battery back up
Relay Output Two Alarm Outputs: 30 V 0.5A Form A Relays
Opt-Isolated Input One Input, 5 to 12VDC Activation @ 10mA typical.
Audible Internal Beeper (Multiple Tones available)
Dimensions 96mm x 96mm (1/4DIN) x 152mm (3.78" x 3.78" x 6")
Software Navigator Lite: Allows Viewing of Data in Table Format and Exporting (Included)
Navigator: Graphic Analysis, Printing and Exporting (#Navigator - Sold Separately)
OS Compatibility Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32 and 64-Bit)
Environmental Indoor Use Only:
Installation Category II per IEC 664
Pollution Degree Level II per IEC61010-1
Temperature: -10°C to 50°C Operating per 61010-1
Humidity: Maximum Relative humidity 80% for temperatures up to 31°C, decreasing linearly to 50% RH at 40°C.


DC1250 Paperless Recorder User Manual
DataChart Navigator Software User Manual 

Paperless Recorder Product Options

Power Options
>> Standard AC Adapter (100-240 VAC Wall Adapter with North American Plug)
>> Universal AC Adapter (100-240 VAC Wall Adapter with Interchangeable Plug Set) 
>> DC Input Power (Isolated 12- 24 VDC Input Power)

Rechargeable Battery Option
>> The DataChart 1250 Paperless Recorder is available with a rechargeable NiMhi Battery Pack. The battery pack provides up to 6 hours of operating power to the digital recorder. Note: The Rechargeable Battery is only available with the Standard AC Adapter and the Universal AC Adapter.

USB/Communications Options
>> The DataChart 1250 Paperless Recorder is available with a mini front accessible USB 2.0 port for downloading data from the CompactFlash™ memory card directly to the PC. USB Cable is included.
>> 10/100 BaseT Ethernet, Rear Access RJ45 Connector. Allows Network Access to Data Card Files. (Requires Navigator Software #Navigator)