TandD Wide Range Temperature & Humidity Logger

>> Record and Store up to 8,000 Measured Samples
>> 0 to 99% RH and -30°C to 80°C Measurement Ranges
>> User-Selectable Sampling Interval of 1 Second to 60 Minutes
>> Internal 2 Point Adjustment Function
>> 10 Month User-Replaceable Battery
>> View Current Readings, on 4 Digit LCD Display
>> Set High and Low Alarm Thresholds from Software
>> Transmit Recorded Data to PC via USB Connection or IrDA Port (Requires #TR-57DCI)
>> Includes Battery, USB Cable, PC Software, User Manual and Sensor w/ 10 Meter Cable

Logger Specifications

Data Channels 1 Temperature Channel (External)
1 Humidity Channel (External)
Temperature Range: -30°C to 80°C
Accuracy: ±0.3°C (10°C to 40°C); ±0.5°C (Other Temps)
Resolution: 0.1°C 
Sensor: Platinum Resistor Sensor
Humidity Range: 0 to 99% RH 
Accuracy (10 to 85% RH @25C): ±2.5% RH
Accuracy (0 to 10% RH @25C): ±4.0% RH @25°C
Accuracy (85% to 99% RH @25C): ±4.0% RH @25°C
Accuracy (Other Temps): ±0.1% RH / °C, Add to Accuracy Above
Resolution: 0.1% RH 
Sensor: Capacitance Type Sensor
Data Storage Capacity 8,000 Measurements/Readings per Channel
Sampling Interval 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 Seconds
1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 Minutes
Recording Modes Endless: Overwrites When Capacity is Full
One-Time: Stop Recording When Capcity is Full
Battery (1) AA Alkaline Battery (User-Replaceable)
Battery Life Approximately 10 Months
Interface USB Communications
Infrared Communications (Requires #TR-57DCI)
Operating Environment Temperature: -10°C to 60°C
Humidity: 90% RH or Less (Non-Condensing)
HHA-3151: Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Housing Material Alumina (Ceramic)
Software Compatible with Windows 7 and Earlier
Weight 62 grams (with Battery)

Wide Range Temperature & RH Data Logger Wide Range Temperature & RH Data Logger
>> Stores 8,000 Samples per Channel
>> 10 Month User-Replaceable Battery
>> 4 Digit LCD Display and High/Low Threshold Alarms
>> USB or IrDA Port for Data Download
>> Includes Battery, USB Cable, Software and Sensor w/ 10 Meter Cable
Part #: TR-77UI
Optional Accessories
Infrared Communications Data Collector Infrared Communications Data Collector
>> Downloads Data onto Collector Using Infrared Communications Port
>> Stored Data is Downloaded to PC with USB Cable
>> Includes USB Cable, T&D Recorder for Windows Software and User Manual
Part #: TR-57DCI
Temperature and Humidity Sensor Temperature and Humidity Sensor
>> Temperature and Humidity Measurement
>> 1.5 Meter Cable Length
>> Not Designed For Exposure to Condensation, Dampness, Corrosive Gases or Organic Solvents
Part #: HHA-3151
AA Lithium Batteries AA Lithium Batteries
>> 4 Pack
Quantity Price Each
1 - 4  
Part #: HWSB-LI
Plastic Wall Mount Attachment Plastic Wall Mount Attachment
>> Includes (2) Screws, (1) Double-Sided Tape
Part #: TR-07K2
Locking Protective Wall Cover Locking Protective Wall Cover
>> Clear Plastic
>> Dimension: 3 7/8" x 3 1/2" x 2 1/2"
>> Vertical or Horizontal Mounting
>> Includes Locking Key and Mounting Hardware
Part #: BTG-EK


  • Manage and Monitor Temperature and Humidity in Pharmaceutical and Research Companies
  • Evaluating Heat and Humidity Retention in Homes and Office Buildings
  • Temperature and Humidity Monitoring in Server Rooms , Wine Cellars, Wine Product and Storage, Subway and Train Cars, Clean Rooms and Environmental Testing Facilities