HOBO RH/Temp/Light/External, 4 channels

The HOBO RH/Temp/Light/External data logger measures and logs humidity, temperature, light and has 1 additional external input channel. The logger features a user selectable sampling interval of 0.5 seconds to 9 hours, typical battery life of 1 year, programmable start time/date, and storage of up to 7,943 Samples/Readings without downloading.

Included with Data Logger 
>> Mounting Kit (Hook/Loop, Magnet, and Tape)

Required with the Data Logger
>> BoxCar Software Kit

List of Available External Sensors. (Temperature, AC Current, 0-2.5 Volt DC and 4-20 mA)

NOTE: NIST Calibration is available.
Large Quantity Discounts Are Available!

Temperature and External Input Logger Features

  • 4 Channel Data Logger with Internal Temperature, Humidity and Light Sensor and External Input
  • Internal Temperature Sensor on 4" Wire can Extend from Case
  • External Input Accepts Temperature, AC Current, 4-20 mA and 0-2.5 Volts DC Sensors. See List of Compatible External Sensors
  • Readout and Relaunch Logger with Optional HOBO Shuttle
  • Programmable Start Time/Date
  • Nonvolatile EEPROM Memory Retains Data Even If Battery Fails
  • Blinking LED Light Confirms Operation
  • Battery Level Indication at Launch
  • Requires BoxCar Software Kit for Operation and Data Manipulation

Temperature and External Input Logger Specifications

Data Storage Capacity 7,943 8-bit Samples/Readings
Sampling Rate 0.5 Second to 9 Hours (User Selectable)
Operating Range Temperature: -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
Humidity: 0 to 95% RH non-condensing, non-fogging
Operating Modes Stop When Full
Wrap-Around When Full
Light Intensity Range: 2 to 600 footcandles (lumens/ft2)
Accuracy: ±2 footcandles, ±20% of Reading
Angular Response: Roughly Cosine of the Angle From Directly Above Sensor
Temperature Sensor Range: -4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C)
Range Outside Case: -40°F to 248°F (-40°C to 120°C)
Accuracy: ±1.27°F (±0.7°C) at +70°F
Resolution: 0.7°F (0.4°C) at +70°F
Response Time (Sensor Inside Case): 15 min.
Response Time (Sensor Outside Case): 1 min.
Humidity Sensor Range: 25% to 95% RH at 80F for Intervals < 10 Sec, Non-Condensing and Non-Fogging
Accuracy: ±5%
Response Time (In Air): 10 min.
Sensor Operating Environment: 5°C to 50°C (41°F to 122°F) , Non-Condensing and Non-Fogging
Compatible External Input Types Temperature Sensors (#TMCx-Hx)
Split Core CTs for AC Current (#CTV-X)
Voltage Transmitters (#T-CON-ACT-X)
4-20mA Input Cable (#CABLE-4-20mA)
0 to 2.5 Volt DC Input Cable (#CABLE-2-5-STEREO)
Carbon Dioxide for Telaire Monitor (#CABLE-CO2)
External 2.5V Input 2.5 mm Jack: External Input Ground, Input, Switched 2.5 Volt Output; External Input Ground Connection is not the Same as PC Interface Connection Ground and Not Be Connected to Any External Ground
Input Range: 0 to 2.5 Volts DC 
Accuracy: ±10 mV ±1% of Reading
Resolution: 10mV (8-bit) 
Out Power: 2.5 Volts DC @ 2mA, Active Only During Measurements
Drop Proof Up to 5 ft.
Time Accuracy ±1 Minute per Week at 20°C (68°F)
Storage Range Temperature: -40°C to 75°C (-40°F to 167°F)
Battery Life Typically 1 Year
Battery 3-Volt CR-2032 Lithium Battery (User Replaceable)
Standards Compliance CE
Weight 29 grams (1 oz)
Dimensions 61mm x 48mm x 20mm (2.4" x 1.9" x 0.8")

Description Part Number
HOBO RH/Temp/Light/External, 4 channels H08-004-02
Software Kits - 1 Required
BoxCar Pro 4.3 Software and Serial Cable Kit BCP4.3-ON
BoxCar 3.7 Software and Serial Cable Kit BC3.7
Optional Accessories
USB Serial Adapter CABLE-USB232
Extra/Replacement Batteries (pack of 5) - CR2032 Lithium Batteries HRB-TEMP-5
Extra Serial Interface Cable Cable-PC-3.5
Glacier Clear Xtreme Protective Case (3.93" x 2.4" x 0.94") T1000.1
Blue Xtreme Protective Case (3.93" x 2.4" x 0.94") T1000.4
Replacement RH Sensor for H8 Indoor Loggers HUM-UPS-500
Standard NIST Calibration Service
Standard NIST Temperature Calibration (1 Point) Note: 3 to 5 Day Lead Time for All Calibration Orders CAL-NIST-TEMP
Standard NIST Temp/RH Calibration (1 Point) Note: 3 to 5 Day Lead Time for All Calibration Orders CAL-NIST-RH
Standard NIST DC Voltage Calibration (1 Point) Note: 3 to 5 Day Lead Time for All Calibration Orders CAL-NIST-DCVOLT
Standard NIST 4-20mA Calibration (1 Point) Note: 3 to 5 Day Lead Time for All Calibration Orders CAL-NIST-420MA
Compatible Sensors
Onset Air Temperature Sensor TMC6-HE
1ft Air/Water/Soil Temperature Sensor TMC1-HD
6ft Air/Water/Soil Temperature Sensor TMC6-HD
20ft Air/Water/Soil Temperature Sensor TMC20-HD
50ft Air/Water/Soil Temperature Sensor TMC50-HD
Stainless Steel Temperature Probe (4" Probe with 6' Cable) TMC6-HC
Voltage Input Cable CABLE-2.5-STEREO
4-20 mA Cable CABLE-4-20MA
0-20 Amp split-core AC Current Sensor CTV-A
0-50 Amp split-core AC current sensor CTV-B
0-100 Amp split-core AC current sensor CTV-C
0-200 Amp split-core AC Current Sensor CTV-D
0-600 Amp split-core AC Current Sensor CTV-E
Telaire 7001 Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Monitor TELAIRE-7001
Telaire CO2 Monitor to Data Logger Cable CABLE-CO2
AC Voltage Transmitters View Specs
conLab AC Voltage Transmitter - 150 VAC T-CON-ACT-150
conLab AC Voltage Transmitter - 300 VAC T-CON-ACT-300

Light Intensity FAQ's

Can I use the light sensor on the H08-004-02 logger as an inexpensive light meter?
No! These light intensity loggers are designed to give you a general comparative idea of how much light there is in an area; sunlight v. shade, lights on/off, etc. If you are planning on recording specific lighting information or absolute values, these loggers will not give you accurate data.
Please note that the light sensor on this logger will record from 2 to 600 lumens per sq/ft. Full sunlight is 10,000 lumens per sq/ft. This sensor is intended for indoor light levels only.

The light sensor on the H08-004-02 measures in lumens/sq foot. How does this measurement relate to Lux and Foot-candles?
The two most popular scales for light measurement are Lux, which is the European scale, and Foot-candles which is the U.S. scale.
Lux and Foot-candles are measure of illumination - the amount of light falling on an object per unit area. The difference is whether the light is measured in square meters or square feet:
1 lumens / sq. meter = 1 lux
1 lumens / sq. foot = 1 foot-candles

How can I convert between lux and Foot-candles?
To convert between lux and foot-candles the following factors can be used:

Lux = 0.0929 * FC
FC = 10.76 * Lux