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  • Records Temperature with an External Stainless Steel 5" ProbeHOBO U12 Stainless Steel Temp Logger w/ 5" Probe
  • Stores 43,000 Measured Readings onto Non-Volatile Memory
  • -40°C to 125°C Temperature Measurement Range with ±0.22°C Accuracy
  • 1 Second to 18 Hour Sampling Interval (User Adjustable via Software)
  • 3 Year Battery Life, Factory Replaceable
  • Requires HOBOware™ Software and USB Cable Kit
  • Built-in Temperature and Humidity Sensor with 2 External Analog InputsHOBO U12 Temperature, RH and  2 External Inputs Data Logger
  • 0 to 2.5 VDC (0 to 10 VDC with #CABLE-ADAP10) Measurement Range
  • Stores up to 43,000 Readings/Samples
  • 1 Year Replaceable Battery
  • Requires HOBOWare Software Kit
  • RH / Temp logger with display
  • Data can be collected using RTR-57 Wireless Data Collector or RTR-5W Network Connected Collector
  • Multiple units can be viewed, started and stopped without ever having to gather the units
  • Stores up to 18,000 Samples/Readings
  • Heavy Duty Rugged Double Molded Housing
  • User Selectable Resolution (0.1°/ 1.0°)
  • Display [T1, T2, T3(IR)] or [T1-T1] or [T1-T3] or [T2-T3]
  • MIN, MAX, AVG and Data Hold Settings
  • IR Thermometer Probe to Measure Non-Contact Surface Temperature
  • Includes Probes, Batteries, Software and Hard Case
  • Measures Current, Voltage, Resistance plus High Voltage, Pulse, Digital, Event and State
  • Built-in RS-232, USB and Wireless or Ethernet Ports
  • 8 Differential or 16 Single-Ended Analog Inputs
  • 2 channels: Internal temperature and external input
  • Sensors available for external input channel: temperature, pH, 0-10V, 0-20mA and contact adapter
  • Weatherproof and dust proof
  • LCD display for convenient viewing while logging
  • 10-Channel (Expandable to 15) Weather Station Records Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall, Soil Moisture, Wind, Light Intensity, Barometric Pressure and Leaf Wetness (Sensors Sold Separately)
  • Adapters Available for Pulse, DC Voltage and 4 to 20mA Inputs
  • Plug-In Smart Sensors are Automatically Recognized
  • User-Selectable Sampling Rate of 1 Second to 18 Hours
  • Deploy for 1 Year Using 4 User-Replacable AA Batteries
  • Non-Volatile EEPROM Memory Retains Data Even if Batteries Fail
  • Status Lights Indicate Proper Sensor Connection and Logging
  • Low-Battery and Low-Memory Warnings
  • Auxiliary Battery Connection Allows Battery Changes While Logging
  • Requires Smart Sensors and HOBOWare Pro Software
  • Compatible with SolarStream Wireless Data Transceiver
  1. Power/Energy Analysis Kit w/ SD Card
  2. High Accuracy Auto Ranging Current Clamps
  3. Store up to 60,000 Readings
  4. Adjustable CT and VT Ratio for High Power Distribution Systems
  5. Full System Analysis of up to 35 Different Power Parameters
  6. Includes Current Clamps, Voltage Leads, Batteries, SD Card and AC Adapter
  • Internal Temperature Sensor with -30°C to 70°C Measurement Range
  • Stores 16,000 Reading in Non-Volatile Memory
  • Sampling Rate of 1 Minute to 24 Hours
  • User Replaceable Battery with 500 Day Life
  • Kit Includes Logger, Wall Bracket, Certificate of Conformance, Batteries, User Manual and USB Interface
  • Requires Comsoft Software (Available for Download or Purchase on CD) and USB Interface













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