Elite Pro SP Recording Power Meter


>> Measures, Stores and Analyzes 144 Different Electical Parameters Including Volts, Amps, Watts,
Volt-Amps (VA), Volt-Amps Reactive (VAR), Kilowatts (kW), Kilowatt Hours (kHW), Power Factor and Harmonics through 63rd

>> (4) Current (up to 6000 Amps) and (3) Voltage (0 to 600 Volts AC) Channels
>> View Various Power Quality Factors Including Voltage, Current, and Power Waveforms
>> Reports Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), Crest Factor, Peak Voltage and Current
>> Recorded Readings Are Stored Internally onto 8MB of Non-Volatile Memory
>> Line Powered and Draws Power from the USB Cable When Connected to a Computer

(3) 2-Position and (1) 3-Position CT Connector Inputs

>> Int'l Version Available w/ 5 Colored Voltage Leads & US Version w/ 4 Colored Voltage Leads
>> Optional Weather-tight Case Meets Strigent NEMA 4 Standards
>> ELOG™ Software for EliltePro SP for Set-up, Data Retrieval, Analysis and Export
>> Kit Includes Crocodile Voltage Clips, Software on CD and Voltage Lead Set with Transformer


Measured Parameters Volts, Amps, Amp-Hrs (Ah), kW, kWh, kVAR, kVARh, kVA, kVAh, Displacement Power Factor (dPF)
Note: Per Phase and System Total for Each Parameter
Service Type Single Phase (2-Wire and 3-Wire) 
Three Phase (3-Wire [Delta] and 4-Wire [Wye])
Voltage Number: 3 Channels
Range: 0 to 600 Volts AC or Line to Line 850 Volts AC
Current Voltage Output CTs (0 to 333 mV AC) for Max. Safety
Maximum Input: 0 to 666 Volts AC; 0 to 1,150 milli Volts DC
Measurement Type True RMS Using High-Speed Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Line Frequency 50/60/400 Hz
Data Storage Capacity 8MB of Internal non-Volatile Memory Capable of Storing 80 Days of Readings
Waveform Sampling 12 kHz (16-Bit) Sampling Rate
Accuracy <1% (<0.5% Typical) for V, A. kW, kVAR, kVA, PF
Channel Sampling Rate Internal Sampling
200 Samples/Cycle at 60 Hz
240 Samples/Cycle at 50 Hz
Resolution Amp: 0.01
Volt: 0.1
Watt: 0.1
VAR: 0.1
VA: 0.1
Power Factor: 0.01
LED Indicators 1 LED indicates Communication 
4 LEDs for Correct Phasing (Green = Voltage and Current on Same Phase; Red = Incorrectly Wired)*
2 LED I/O Indicators
*NOTE: Patented PhaseChek™ LED Indicators Guarantee Correct CT Orientation During Installation
Pulse Output Open Collector 75 mA Max. Current, 5 Hz Max. Frequency
Communications USB
Power Line Power Supply: L1 Phase to L2 Phase. 80-600 Volts AC CAT III 50/60 Hz or DC 70 mA Max. Non-User Replaceable 0.5 Amp Internal Fuse Protection 
Power In: 6 to 10 Volts DC Max, 500 mA Min. (Optional)
Power Out: 6 Volts DC, 200 mA Maximum
Operating Range Temperature: -7°C to 60°C (20°F to 140°F)
Humidity: 10 to 95% RH, non-condensing
Enclosure ABS Plastic with 94-V0 Flammability Rating
Standards Compliance CE
Software Compatible Windows 7 (32 or 64 Bit), Vista, XP (32 or 64 Bit)
Weight 340 grams (12 Oz.) - Excluding Sensors and Leads
Dimensions 69mm x 58mm x 203mm (2.7" x 2.2" x 8.0")