TandD Wireless Data Collector and Repeater


The Wireless Collector and Repeater acts as wireless data collection device and repeater. As a
repeater, it is used to to extend (increase) the range available for the RTR-5 Series data loggers beyond the 100 Meter Range. As a wireless collector, it acts as a base collection unit, gathering data from all of your RTR-5 series loggers.

Included with each Wireless Data Repeater 

1. Software
2. User Manual
3. USB Cable
4. Label Stickers

Wireless Data Collector and Repeater Features

  • Multipurpose Wireless Communication Port can be used as a base unit, collecting data, or as a relay unit, to extend the range of your wireless communications
  • Repeaters expand wireless communications between various RTR-5 Series Data Loggers
  • Auto Download via Wireless Communication directly to your computer
  • Real-time Monitoring of Current Readings on Computer Display
  • E-Mail notifications sent when pre-set limits are exceeded

Wireless Data Collector and Repeater Specifications

Compatible Devices RTR-51(L) / RTR-52(L) / RTR-53(L) / RVR-52A(L) / RTR-52PT(L)
Functions Wireless Communication: Download Data, Monitoring / Warning Monitoring, Start / Stop Recording, Wireless Relay Unit Function Optical Communication: Download Data / Start / Stop Recording
Type of Communication FCC Part15 Section249 / IC RSS-210 (Communication Range: about 100m if direct and unobstructed)
Power Base Unit: USB bus power, Specific AC Adaptor (sold separately)
Relay Unit: 2 AA batteries, Specific AC Adaptor (sold separately)
Battery Life 6 Months of continued use on 2 AA alkaline batteries when used as Relay Unit for five minutes a day
Communication Time Wireless Communication: 1 unit of full data takes about 420 seconds (when Relay Units not used) When communicating via Relay Units, the approximate time for that communication is calculated as follows: "420 seconds + (Number of Relay Units x 420 seconds)". Optical Communication: 1 unit of full data takes about 160 seconds
LED Green LED (Blinks during Wireless Communication and PC Communication)
Interface USB miniB Connector / Serial [Mini serial] (19200bps)*2
If you wish to communicate by serial communication, an optional cable (TR-07C) is needed.
Operating Environment Temperature: -10 to 60°C (-30 to 60°C when external power connected)
Humidity: 20 to 80% RH (No Condensation)
Dimensions 96mm × 66mm × 25mm
Weight Approx. 60g (Batteries not included)
Compatible OS Windows 98SE / Me / 2000 / XP English


Description Part Number
Wireless Data Collector and Repeater RTR-50
Optional Accessories
AA Batteries (Lithium) 4 Pack HWSB-LI
TandD 110 Volt AC Adapter AD-0638

Recording Measurement Signals from Various Devices and Equipment
Gather Temperature from Greenhouses
Gather via Wireless Communication the Temperature History of Refrigerated and Frozen Goods during Transportation from Trucks as they enter the Terminal.
Management of Building Air Conditioning Gather via Wireless Communication Temperatures from various Floors and Rooms