Web Data Recorder

The TandD Web Data Recorder is a Network connected data logger that records output voltage and point of contact (On/Off) signals from various types of sensors and measuring devices. Its network connection allows the user to download the measurements and data. Email notifications, Alarms and upper/lower limit settings are available. With its built-in web server, settings can be configured, current measurements viewed and downloaded all with an internet browser.

Included with each Web Data Recorder:
1. Software Set 
2. AC Adapter (#AD-0605 or #AD-0607) 
3. LAN Cable (#LN-20W)
4. Introductory Guide with Warranty

NOTE: The WDR-3 is designed solely for network communication. Other networking devices will be required for internet use.

Web Data Recorder Features

  • Measure and Record Analog and On/Off Signals
  • View and Download Measurement Readings using Internet Browser
  • Transmit Recorded Data via Email at Set Intervals
  • Access to recorded Data and Readings via LAN, Internet or Email
  • Establish Upper and Lower Limits and Send Warning Emails
  • Connect to Wireless Lan via CF Card
Description Part Number
TandD Web Data Recorder WDR-3

Web Data Recorder Specifications

Measurement Items Analog Voltage, On/Off Signal
Number of Channels 2 Channels for Analog Signal
2 Channels for On/Off Signal
Power AC Adapter
External Contact Output (Warning Output) Contact Output via Photo Relay
When operating the warning Function
Off-State Voltage: AC/DC 50 Volts or Below
On-State Current: 0.1A or below
On-State Resistance: Max 35 Ohms
Type of Communication Wired LAN (100/10Base-T)
Wireless LAN (CF Card)
Operating Environment Temperature: 0 to 50°C
Humidity: 20 to 80% RH (No Condensation)
Dimensions 83mm (H) x 102mm (W) x 28mm (D)
Weight 125 grams
Analog Signal Input
Number of Input Channels 2 Channels for Analog Signal (Common Ground)
Signal Input Voltage Input
Input Voltage Range 0 to 5V (Input Resistance: 1Mohm)
Measurement Resolution 4.88mV (10bit)
Measurement Cycle 1 Minute (Average of 6 Samplings every 10 Seconds)
Recording Method Instantaneous Value Recording Method: Data Measurement for Recording Interval
Average Value Recording Method: Average of Data Measurements for Recording Interval
Recording Interval 6 User Selectable Settings: 10,20,30,40,50,60 Minutes
Recording Capacity 5,760 Readings (2,880 per Channel)
Recording Mode Endless Mode: Overwrite oldest data when capacity is full
Monitoring Function A warning can be issued when a measurement exceeds a set upper or lower limit for each channel during the set monitoring interval
On/Off Signal Input
Measurement Channel 2 Channels for On/Off Signal (Common Ground)
Input Signal Voltage Input, Contact Input
Input Voltage Range 0 to 15 Volts
Detection Voltage Low (On): 1 Volt or Below 
High (Off): 3 Volts or Above
Detection Time On: 50ms or above
Off: 50ms or above
Pull Up 5 Volt 4.7k
Recording Method Pulse Recording Method: Records the Number of Pulses During the set Recording Interval
(Number of Rising and Falling Signals)
Polarity Change Recording Method Measurement occurs every second without regard to recording interval and the date and time of any change is recorded
Recording Capacity Pulse Number: 2880 Readings
Polarity Change: 760 Readings
Recording Mode Endless Mode (Overwrite oldest data when capacity is full)
Monitoring Function Make Monitoring Time Settings and Upper/Lower Limit Settings for the Number of Pulse signal Changes for eacch Channel, When those Limit Settings are Exceeded, A Warning Notice is Sent. It is also possible to make conditionSettings for Signals and When Changes Occur Outside to make those conditions During the Monitoring Period a Warning is Sent.
Software Specifications / Requirements
Operating Systems Microsoft Windows 2000/XP (English)
Disk Space More than 10MB of Free Space
Monitor SVGA (higher resolution than 800 x 600 recommended) - more than 256 Colors
LAN 100BASE-TX or 10-BASE-T Twisted Pair Cable - CAT 5 (STP/UTP)
Browser Internet Explorer 6.0 or Higher

Documentation: (pdf)

Web Data Recorder Detailed Specifications
Web Data Recorder User Manual

For Instrumentation such as Flow Meters, Wattmeters or Analyzers
Monitoring and Recording Data of Control Devices and Measurement Instruments in Factories
Collecting Recorded Data of Analyzers for Environmental Indicators such as Acid Rain, pH, etc
Collecting Weather Data such as Rainfall, Snow Accumulation, Solar Radiation, Wind Speed / Direction etc...
Measurement in Places where Wiring is Difficult or Impossible

Application Notes (pdf)

Understanding the Differences Between State, Event and Pulse Datalogging