DT800 Data Acquisition System


>> Robust, Stand Alone, Low Power Data Logger with Dual Channel Isolation Technology
>> Record Temperature, Voltage, 4-20mA Loops, Resistance, Bridges, Digital, Serial and Calculated Measurements
>> 12 to 42 Analog Sensor Inputs
>> 16 Digital Sensor Inputs
>> Store up to 130,000 Readings/Samples
>> Compact Flash Card Stores Additional Data
>> Alarms, Scheduling, PCMCIA and Ethernet Support 
>> Includes Software, User Manual, RS232 Cable, USB Adapter and 110/240Vac to 15Vdc Power Adapter


Data Channels 12 to 42 Analog Channels
Up to 16 Flexible Digital Channels
Analog Channels 2 Wire: 24, 42 (1 Shared Terminal) 
3 Wire: 12, 18 (1 Shared Terminal), 36 (2 Shared Terminal)
4 Wire: 12, 18 (2 Shared Terminal)
6 Wire Bridges: 6, 18 (2 Shared Terminal)
Sensor Config. May be Mixed in Any Combination
Analog Measurement Ranges Voltage: ±10 mVdc/mVac; ±20 mVdc/Vac; ±50 Vdc/Vac; ±100 Vdc/Vac; ±200 Vdc/Vac; ±500 Vdc/Vac; ±1 Vdc/Vac; ±2 Vdc/Vac; ±5 Vdc/Vac; ±10 Vdc/Vac; ±13 Vdc/Vac
Resistance: 20Ω; 50Ω; 100Ω; 200Ω; 500Ω; 1,000Ω; 2,000Ω; 5,00Ω; 10,000Ω
Frequency: 10 kHz
Analog Measurement Resolution Voltage: 1 µV; 2µV; 5µV; 10µV; 20µV; 50µV; 100µV; 200µV; 500µV; 1mV; 2mV
Resistance: 100 µΩ; 25 µΩ; 500 µΩ; 1 mΩ; 3 mΩ; 5 mΩ; 100 mΩ; 25 mΩ; 50 mΩ
Frequency: 0.01 Hz
Analog Measurement Accuracy DC Voltage: 0.02% (25°C); 0.10% (-45°C to 70°C) 
AC Voltage: 1.0% (25°C); 1.5% (-45°C to 70°C) 
DC Resistance: 0.04% (25°C); 0.20% (-45°C to 70°C)
Frequency: 0.02% (25°C); 0.04% (-45°C to 70°C)
Sensor Excitation DC Voltage Mode: 0 to 20 Volt 
DC Current Mode: 0 to 15 mA
DC Power Mode: 0 to 200mW
Multiplexer Type: Solid-State 
Common Mode Range: ±13 V or -2 V to 22 V (Selectable)
Over Voltage Protection: ±40 Volts
Lightning Protection: Secondary Via ±30V Varistors
Thermocouples Type: B, C, D, E, G, J, K, N, R S, T 
Calibration Standard: ITS-90
Accuracy: per NIST Monograph 125 (@ 25°C)
Reference Junction Compensation Accuracy: ±0.2C (25°C); ±0.5C (-20°C to 60°C)
Thermocouple Integrity Testing by Resistance Measurement
RTDs Materials Supported: Pt, Ni, Cu 
Resistance Range: 10Ω to 10KΩ
4-Wire Resistance Accuracy: 0.05%
3-Wire Resistance Accuracy: 0.15%
Thermistors Types: YSI 400xx Series
Resistance Range: <10kΩ, <20kΩ with Parallel Resistor
Monolithic Temperature Sensors Types: LM34 - 60, AD590, AD592
Bridge Sensors Configurations: 4-wire and 6-wire 
Excitation: Voltage or Current
Bridge Completion: External
4-20mA Current Loop Shunt: External 20Ω to 200Ω Resistor
Analog Output Channels: 1 (Share with Burst Mode Trigger)
Voltage Range: -10 Volts to 10 Volts (10mV Resolution)
Maximum Current: 20mA
Digital Channels 8 Bi-Directional Channels, 2 with 10mV Sensitive Inputs for Magnetic Pick-ups
Input Only Channels: 8 Logic Level
Counter Channels >> 16 Counters Shared with Digital I/O Channels 
>> 32 Bit Size (>4,000,000,000 Counts) 
>> Speed: Channels 1 to 6: 100 Hz (3Hz in Sleep Mode)
>> Speed: Channels 7 to 8: 10 kHz (3Hz in Sleep Mode)
>> Speed: Channels 9 to 16: 100 Hz (3Hz in Sleep Mode) Digital Output:
>> 8 Shared with Bi-Directional Channels 
>> Open-drain FET, +30 Volt, 100 mA Output Type
Serial Sensor Channel Modes: RS232, RS422, RS485, SDI-12 
Handshake Lines: RTS, CTS 
Baud Rate: 300 to 56k Baud 
Power for Sensors: Derived from System (9 - 26 @ 300mA)
Programmable Prompt String
Data Parsing Allows Multiple Assignments to Variables
Sampling Modes Normal Mode:
>> Sampling Accuracy and Noise Rejection by Interleaved Sampling Over One or More Line Cycle Periods 
>> 16 Bit Resolution
>> 130dB Common Mode Rejection (20mV Range)
Fast Mode:
>> Fast Continuous Sampling with Reduced Noise Rejection
>> 15 Bit Resolution
Burst Mode:
>> Sampling of Fast Events with Triggering Capability
>> 13 Bit Resolution
>> 1kHz to 100kHz Sampling Speed
>> Pre, Mid and Post Triggering 
>> Analog Level or Digital Input Trigger Sources
>> 100 to 65,000 Raw Sample Buffer Size
>> 100ms to 30ms Minimum Time Between Bursts
Calculated Channels Expressions Involving Cariables and Functions (sin(), cos(), tan(), asin(), acos(), atan(), abs(), sqrt(), average, maximum, minimum, time of max, time of min, variance, integral, histogram, rainflow (fatique analysis)
Alarms Condition: High, Low or Within Range and Outside Range
Delay: Optional Time Period for Alarm Response
Actions: Set Digital Outputs, Transmit Message, Execute any DataTaker Command
Scheduling Number: 11
Schedule Rates: 10ms to Days
Maximum Number of Channels: 500
Data Storage Capacity Internal (RAM): Approx. 130,000 Readings (Dual Battery Backed SRAM) 
PC Card: #v or 5V Compact Flash, >65,000 Samples/MB
Ethernet Comm Port Interface: 10BaseT (10Mbps)
Protocol: TCP/IP (UDP, FTP)
RS232 Comm Port Speed: 300 to 115,200 Baud (57,600 Default)
Handshake Lines: DCD, RI, DSR, DTR, RTS, CTS 
Modem Support: Auto-Answer and Dial Out
Protocols: PPP, TCP/IP (UDP, FTP)
Clock Normal Resolution: 200µs
Accuracy: 10s per month @25°C
PC Card (PCMCIA) Support Number of Slots: 1 x Type I, II or III (PCMCIA 2.1)
Card Types: ATA Flash
Socket Voltage: 3V or 5V (400mA) and 12V (60mA)
Power Supply External Voltage Range: 11 to 28 Volts DC 
Power Consumption:
>> Normal Mode: 5W
>> Sleep Mode: 5mW
Internal Main Battery:
>> Voltage: 12 Volt (2.2AHr) Lead Acid Gel Cell 
>> Temperature Compensated Charging: -10°C to 70°C 
Memory and Real Time Clock Battery:
>> Voltage: 3.6 Volt (400mAHr) Lithium, 1/2 AA
Operating Time
Continuous Smapling: 5 Hours
10 Minute Sampling: 1 Month
1 Hour Sampling: 4 Months
Housing Constructed of Powder Coated Fabricated Steel
Operating Range Temperature: -45°C to 70°C
Humidity: 85% RH, Non-condensing
Standards Compliance CE
Weight 3.1 kilograms
Dimensions 26.0 cm x 11.0 cm x 9.0 cm (260mm x 110mm x 90mm)

DataTaker DT800 Data Logger DataTaker DT800 Data Logger
>> Configurable for 12 to 42 Analog Sensor Inputs
>> Store 130,000 Samples
>> Alarms and Ethernet Functions
>> Includes Software, User Manual, RS232 Cable, USB Cable and Power Adapter
Part #: DT800
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20-Channel Expansion Module 20-Channel Expansion Module
>> Increases Number of Channels Available for DataTaker Loggers
>> 12Hz Maximum Measurement Speed
>> Powered by Attached Data Logger (12 Volt Output)
>> Status LED Indicators >> Includes Analog and Control Cable for Connection to Loggers
Part #: CEM20
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CANgate  CAN to ASCII Gateway CANgate CAN to ASCII Gateway
>> 2 High Speed CAN Bus Ports
>> Compatible with J1939, OBD, ISO and Raw CAN
>> Programmable Serial Sensor Port Required on Data Logger
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Documentation (pdf)

DataTaker DT800 Series Getting Started Guide
DataTaker DT800 Series User Manual


  • Research & Development and Agricultural & Aquaculture Research
  • Process, Structural and Machine Down Time Monitoring and Fault Identification
  • Total Energy and Environmental Monitoring
  • Vehicle Testing, GPS, CANgate(optional) with CAN bus, J1939 and OBDII
  • Strain Gauges, Load Cells and Flow Monitoring and Testing