Acumen DataBridge Serial Data Recorder

The DataBridge serial data recorder captures data from any device equipped with a serial port and stores the data on a CompactFlash card in a PC-compatible format. The serial data recorder has the
ability to send commands to attached devices at any given point, requires no software and programming skills, uses PCs terminal software and controls and monitors your recording.

Included with each Starter Kit 
>> 2 GB Compact Flash Card 
>> USB CF Card Reader
>> 120 VAC Power Supply
>> Power Cable
>> RS-232 Serial Cable
>> User Manuals and Documentation

NOTE: Large Quantity Discounts Are Available!

Serial Data Recorder Features

  • Captures Data from Any Device Equipped with Serial Port and Stores it in a PC-Compatible File
  • No Software or Development Needed
  • A Convenient Drop-in Replacement for Data Collection
  • Memory Only limited by storage device and FAT32
  • Sends Commands to Attached Devices
  • Very Fast Sampling Rate (50 bps to 921,600 bps)
Description Part Number
DataBridge Serial Data Recorder Starter Kit SDR2-CF-SK
DataBridge Serial Data Recorder without Accessories SDR2-CF
DataBridge Serial Data Recorder (Recorder Only, OEM Version of Circuit Board, No Case) SDR2-OEM-CF

Serial Data Recorder Specifications

Data Rates 50 bps to 921,600 bps
Data Format 7/8 Data Bits; none/even/odd Parity; 1/2 stop Bits
Handshaking Modes RTS/CTS (hardware handshaking)
File Format PC-compatible Windows (FAT16 or FAT32 file system)
Storage Device Compatibility Devices conforming to the CompactFlash specification
Electrical Interface ATA (True IDE Mode)
Storage Capacity Limited only by storage device
Power Requirements 3 to 30 VDC unregulated
350mW (Normal Recording Mode)
250mW (Low Power Mode)
100mW (Idle)
Serial Connectors (1) DB9 Male (DTE data port)
(1) DB9 Female (DCE configuration port)
Drive Connectors Type 1/2 Compact Flash connector with ejector
Solid -State Media CompactFlash media up to 64GB
(Limited only by FAT32 file System)
Operating Range Temperature: -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
Enclosure Extruded Aluminum
Dimensions 4.875" x 3.375" x 1.25" (12.4cm x 8.57cm x 3.12cm)
Weight 8.5 oz (241 grams) without CF card


Acumen Serial Data Recorder Data Sheet
Acumen Serial Data Recorder User Manual