Extech Heavy Duty RTD Thermometer

The Extech RTD Meter displays minimum and maximum temperature measurement readings from an external RTD probe. The thermomer features include LCD Display, extremely wide temperature
range, 0.4 second sampling rate, selectable temperature measurement, linearity correction and built-in pc interface cable for data logging.

RTD Meter Requires
>> RTD Probes

RTD Meter Includes
>> Protective Rubber Holster
>> 9 Volt Battery

NOTE: 380340 Is Required For Datalogging
Large Quantity Discounts Are Available!

RTD Meter Features

  • Wide Ranging Temperature Measurements (-199.99F to 1562F)
  • Sampling Time of 0.4 Seconds
  • Accepts 4 Wire Pt-100 Ohm RTD Probes with DIN Connector
  • Overload and Low Battery Indicators
  • Built-in Linearity Correction with Fast Response
  • Probes Sold Separately
  • Built-in RS-232 PC Interface for Optional DataLogging Functionality

RTD Meter Specifications

Temperature Ranges Resolution Accuracy (% of Reading)
(Probe Accuracy is Additional)
°F -199.99F to 392.0F 0.01°F ±(0.1% + 0.4°F)
392.0°F to 1562.0°F 0.1°F
°C -199.99 to 199.00C 0.01°C ± (0.1% + 0.2°C)
200.0°C to 850.0°C 0.1°C
Display 4 -1/2 Digit (20,000 Count) LCD Display with Over Range and Low Battery Indication
Measurement Temperature (Selectable °C & °F Units)
Data Hold Freezes Displayed Reading
RTD Probes 
(Sold Separately)
4-Wire Platinum 100 Ohm RTD
0.00385 Alpha Coefficient (Meet DIN IEC 751)
RTD Probe Jack Proprietary 4-pin Curcular Connector
(Extech RTD Probes - Sold Separately)
Sampling Time Approximately 0.4 Seconds
Memory Record/Recall Meter stores Maximum and Minimum Readings
Data Output RS-232 PC Interface
Operating Conditions Temperature: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
Humidity: < 80%
Power Supply 9 Volt Battery
Power Consumption 15mA DC
Weight 10 oz (285 grams)
Dimensions 7.1" x 2.8" x 1.3" (180mm x 72mm x 32mm)

Description Part Number Qty 10+
Extech Heavy Duty RTD Thermometer 407907 call
Extech Battery Operated Datalogging Module 380340 call
RTD Probes 1 - Required
RTD Probe w/ DIN Plug -200C to 500C 850187 call
RTD Stainless Steel Surface Probe 850186 call
RTD Stainless Steel Air Probe -200 to 400C 850189 call
Optional Accessories
117 VAC Adaptor 156119 call
AC Adaptor, 220 VAC for heavy duty series 156221 call
9 Volt Lithium Battery, 1200 mAH U9VL-FP call