SmartReader 5 Data Logger


The SmartReader 5 data logger is ideal for those applications that require monitoring extremely high temperatures or monitoring temperature over a wide range. The logger has one internal channel for measuring ambient temperature and two external channels for use with ACR thermocouple wire or any J, K, S or T type thermocouple wire.

Required with Smart Reader 5 Data Logger
>> TrendReader 2 Software

Required for Ethernet Connectivity 
>> TrendReader 2 Software with USB Cable Kit (#TR2-USB)

NOTE: NIST Calibration is available.
Large Quantity Discounts Are Available!

Description Part Number
SmartReader 5 Three Channel Temperature (thermocouple) logger SR-005
Software Kit - 1 Required
TrendReader 2 Software with RS-232 Cable (IC-101) and Manual for Smart Reader series TR2-RS232
TrendReader 2 Software with USB Interface Cable (IC-102) and Manual for Smart Reader series TR2-USB
TrendReader 2 Software CD Only (interface cable and manual not included), for SmartReader Plus, Smart Reader, IAQ and OWL Loggers TR2-Standard
Standard NIST Calibration Service
Standard NIST Temperature Calibration (1 Point) Note: 3 to 5 Day Lead Time for All Calibration Orders CAL-NIST-TEMP
Optional Accessories
USB Serial Adapter CABLE-USB232
ACR RS-232 Serial Interface Cable (Limited Quantity - 2 Available) LIC-101--U--
ACR RS-232 Serial Interface Cable LIC-101


General Specifications
Channels Three (one internal thermistor for cold-junction compensation and two external channels for narrow range and wide range thermocouples)
Memory 32 KB (32,767 readings)
Size 107 x 74 x 22 mm. (4.2” x 2.9” x 0.9”)
Weight 110 grams (3.75 ounces)
Case Material Noryl Plastic
External Connector Removable screw-type terminal strip with Common (-) connection
Mounting Magnetic backing or locking eyelet
Operating Limits -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F) and 0 to 95%
Relative Humidity (non-condensing)
Clock Accuracy ±2 seconds per day
Battery 3.6 volt Lithium, 1 Amp-Hour
Battery Life 10 year warranty (under normal use), factory replaceable
Power Consumption 5 to 10 microamps (continuous)
Sampling Methods 1. Continuous (First-in, First-out)
2. Stop when full (Fill-then-stop)
Sampling Rates User selectable rates from 8 seconds to once every 5 days
Resolution 8 bit (1 part in 256)
Software Compatiblity Windows 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT, XP, Vista (32-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Software Requirements TrendReader 2 Software and Interface Cable
Certifications and Standards

- Certified to CE standard EN50082-1: 1992 (European Generic Immunity) covering ESD, RFI and EFT/B
-Meets CE standards EN55011 Class B: 1991 (European Radiated Emissions) and CISPR Class B: 1991(International Radiated Emissions)

Resistance to X-Rays - Tested for protection against a 160kV dose @ 5mA for 30
seconds (150mA-sec) @ 38 inches F.F.D. (about 100 times that of an airport x-ray machine)
- Tested for protection against Gamma Ray (equivalent to 0.137-1.38 mega volts) IR 192 - 28 curies @ 30 second exposure source to object distance 5”

Internal Temperature Sensor
Type Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistor.
10,000 ohms @ 25°C (77°F)
Accuracy ± 0.2°C, over the range of 0 to 70°C (±0.3°F over the range of 32 to 158°F)
Range -40 to 70°C (-40 to 158°F)
Resolution 0.4°C (0.7°F) at 25°C (77°F); better than 1 °C (1.8°F) between -25°C and 70°C (-13°F and 158°F); better than 2.0°C (3.6°F) between -40°C and -25°C (-40°F and -13°F)
Thermocouples Accepted
Type Wide/Narrow Range Resolution
J Channel #2 (Wide) -50 to 600°C (-55 to 1100°F) 5°C (9°F)
Channel #1 (Narrow) -20 to 190°C (0 to 370°F) 1.4°C (2.5°F)
K Channel #2 (Wide) -100 to 900°C (-145 to 1650°F) 6.7°C (12°F)
Channel #1 (Narrow) -25 to 230°C (-10 to 440°F) 1.7°C (3°F)
S Channel #2 (Wide) 0 to 1760°C (32 to 3200°F) 23°C (41.5°F)
Channel #1 (Narrow) 0 to 960°C (32 to 1750°F) 7°C (12.6°F)
T Channel #2 (Wide) -200 to 400°C (-325 to 750°F) 6.7°C (12°F)
Channel #1 (Narrow) -35 to 200°C (-30 to 390°F) 1.7°C (3°F)
Accuracy: ± 1% of range + resolution