MSR12 Signal Data Recorder

Basic Standard Unit Includes 3-Axis Accelerometer Module, Air Pressure Module, Temperature Module, PC Software, AC Adapter and User Manual
Additional Modules and Sensors Available to Measure and Record Almost Any Signal

The MSR12 Modular Signal Recorder is a practical, portable signal acquisition instrument for measuring, displaying and recording a range of environmental paramters. With its modular and expandable design, plug-in modules are available to record almost any signal. MSR PC Software Manages Settings and View, Edit, Export Measured Data.

The Basic MSR12 System includes 
>> (2) Modules: 3-Axis Accelerometer and PR8 Pressure Modules 
>> (3) Sensors: Acceleration, Air Pressure, Ambient Temperature
>> PC Software
>> Mains AC Adapter
>> User Manual and Warranty

Optional Modules Can Measure and Record
>> Temperature and Humidity
>> 3 Axis Acceleration

>> Air and Fluid Pressure
>> 10-Bit Voltage and Current 
>> 12-Bit Voltage and Current 
>> ECG Signals and Heart Rate 
>> Most Sensors with Analog or Digital Output

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  • Portable, Expandable Logger Measuring Any Analog or Digital Signal
  • Data Storage Capacity of 1 Million Samples per Module
  • Samples up to 10,000 Readings per Second and Stores up to 1,000 Readings per Second
  • Basic Standard Unit includes Accelerometer, Air Pressure and Ambient Air Temperature Modules


Measured Parameters Standard with Basic Package:
3-Axis Acceleration
Air Pressure
Ambient Air Temperature
Optional Add-on Plug-in Modules:
Fluid Pressure
Compressed Air/Valve-Tester
Heart Rate
Input Signals Analog and Digital
Storage Rate Up to 1,000 Samples/Readings per Second
Sampling Rate Up to 10,000 Samples/Readings per Second
Memory Capacity +1,000,000 Samples/Readings per Module
Expansion Slots (2) Internal Modules
LEDs Green: Data Recording
Yellow: External Power Supply
External Power Supply Mains AC Power Adapter
Battery (3) Rechargeable NiMH 880mAh
Software Compatible Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000
Dimensions 137mm x 74mm x 27mm
Weight 180 grams

Description Part Number Qty 10+
MSR12 Signal Data Recorder B10033 call
Optional Plug-in Modules (View all Module Options)
Temperatue and Humidity Plug-In Module for External Sensors B10006 call
Plug-In Module, Recording 2 Input Voltages, 5 Digital Inputs, Humidity B10107 call
Plug-In Module, Recording Pressure and Temperature from External Sensors B10018 call
Voltage Input Module w/ 10-bit Resolution B10019 call
Voltage Input Plug-In Module w/12-Bit Resolution B10106 call
Plug-In Module, Recording Delay Time between Control Pulse and Output Signal VALVE-TESTER call
Plug-In Module, Recording Acceleration from External Sensor B10103 call
Plug-In Module, Recording an ECG Signal B10100 call
Plug-In Module, Recording Heart Rate (pulse) from POLAR Transmitter chest strap B10017 call
Optional Sensors (View all Sensor Options)
Acceleration Sensor 2G Measurement Range B10137 call
Acceleration Sensor 10G Measurement Range B10132 call
Air Pressure Sensor (0 to 2500 mbar Absolute) B10130 call
Air Pressure Sensor (0 to 14000 mbar Absolute) B10127 call
Water Pressure Sensor (0 to 2500 mbar Absolute) B10121 call
Temperature Sensor w/ 1.1 Meter Cable Length B10013 call
Temperature Sensor w/ 1.6 Meter Cable Length B10012-2 call
Core Temperature Sensor w/ 1.6 Meter Cable Length B10014 call
Relative Humidity Sensor w/ 1.6 Meter Cable Length B10011-1 call
ECG Cable with 3 Electrodes B10126 call