Onset HOBO Weather Stations

The Onset HOBO Weather Stations offer research-grade measurement quality and up to 15 channels that accept plug-in smart sensors that eliminate complicated programming, wiring, and calibration. The entire HOBO Weather Station system, including sensors, is powered for one year using four AA batteries and can log over 500,000 measurements into the non-volatile memory. These popular weather stations have even been placed in the Amazon Rain Forest.
2 Versions of HOBO Weather Stations

>> 4-Channel HOBO Micro Station
>> 15-Channel HOBO Weather Station

Required Components of HOBO Weather Stations
>> Smart Sensors
>> HOBOWare Pro Software

Pre-Configured Weather Station Kits Available

HOBO Weather Stations Measure and Record:
>> Temperature
>> Temperature and Relative Humidity
>> Wind Speed & Direction
>> PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation)
>> Solar Radiation
>> Soil Moisture
>> Barometric Pressure
>> Rainfall
>> 0-5VDC inputs
>> 4-20mA inputs
>> Pulsed inputs

NOTE: All Sensors Are Sold Separately for Individual Customization

Things to Consider when Planning to Install a HOBO Weather Station or Micro Station.

HOBO Micro Station Data Logger
  • 4-Channel Weather Station with Weatherproof Enclosure for Harsh Environments
  • Measure Your Choice of Temperature, Humidity, Leaf Wetness, Rainfall,Barometric Pressure, Soil Moisture, Wind Speed & Direction, Solar Radiation, Photosynthetic Light, 0-5 Volts DC or 4-20 mA using Onset Smart Sensors (Sold Separately)
  • 1 Year Battery Life using 4 AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Supports Measurement Averaging Based on Availability of Supporting Data from Sensor
  • Scalable System Size and Flexible Sensor Mounting Allow Users to Position the Weather Station and Sensors Optimally
  • 512K Memory Can Store Over 500,000 Measurements
  • Non-Volatile EEPROM Memory Retains Data Even if Batteries Fail.
  • Optional Analog and Pulse Inputs for 3rd-Party Sensors
  • Requires Smart Sensors and HOBOWare Pro Software
  • Compatible with SolarStream Wireless Data Transceiver
HOBO Weather Station Data Logger
  • 10-Channel (Expandable to 15) Weather Station Records Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall, Soil Moisture, Wind, Light Intensity, Barometric Pressure and Leaf Wetness (Sensors Sold Separately)
  • Adapters Available for Pulse, DC Voltage and 4 to 20mA Inputs
  • Plug-In Smart Sensors are Automatically Recognized
  • User-Selectable Sampling Rate of 1 Second to 18 Hours
  • Deploy for 1 Year Using 4 User-Replacable AA Batteries
  • Non-Volatile EEPROM Memory Retains Data Even if Batteries Fail
  • Status Lights Indicate Proper Sensor Connection and Logging
  • Low-Battery and Low-Memory Warnings
  • Auxiliary Battery Connection Allows Battery Changes While Logging
  • Requires Smart Sensors and HOBOWare Pro Software
  • Compatible with SolarStream Wireless Data Transceiver
Onset HOBO® USB Weather Station Kit
  • Includes U30 Base Unit, Temp, RH, Wind Speed & Wind Direction Sensors, 1.2 Watt Solar Panel, Solar Radiation Shield and Full Cross Arm
  • Rugged Double Weatherproof, Tamper-Proof Enclosure
  • Plug and Play Sensors for Easy Set-up
  • Fast Data Offload with USB Cable
  • Customizable by Adding Sensors for Amperage, Voltage, Current, Pressure, 4 to 20 mA, Leaf Wetness, Soil Moisture, Rain and Light Intensity
  • Optional Data Shuttle Transporter Available for Collecting Measured Readings in Remote Areas
  • Requires HOBOWare Pro Software (Sold Separately)