Starmon Mini Temperature Recorder

>> Underwater Temperature Recorder for Harsh Environments
>> 400 M Depth Pressure Tolerance
>> Measurement Range: -2°C to 40°C 

>> Temperature Accuracy of ±0.05°C 
>> Stores up to 350,000 Readings (Up to 700,000 Readings w/ Extended Memory) 
>> User Replaceable 10 Year Battery Life 
>> Available in Titanium Housing w/ 11,000 Depth (Pressure) Tolerance 
>> Includes Calibration Certificate

The Starmon Temp Logger Requires:
>> Communication Box (#COMBOX)
>> SeaStar PC Software (#SEASTAR) or Mercury PC Software (#MERCURY)

All Star-Oddi Data Loggers are Shipped Directly from the Manufacturer in Iceland.
All Star-Oddi Orders have a Minimum Lead Time of 10 Business Days.

All Star-Oddi Products Should be Ordered Separately from Other Manufacturers to Calculate Shipping Correctly.


Data Channels 1 Temperature Sensor
Temperature Range: -2°C to 40°C (28°F to 104°F)
Accuracy: ±0.05°C (±0.09°F)
Resolution: 0.013°C (0.023°F)
Response Time: (Plastic) Time Constant (63%) in 18 Seconds and Final Value Reached in 3 Minutes.
Data Storage Capacity 350,000 Measurements/Readings
525,000 Measurements w/ Extended Memory Option
700,000 Measurements w/ Extended Memory Option
Resolution 12 Bits
Data Retention 25 Years
Clock Accuracy ± 1 Minute/Month (Real-Time)
Sampling Interval 1 Second up to 90 Hours (User-Configurable)
Number of Sampling Intervals 1 or 2
Communications to PC RS-232 Serial or USB Using Communication Box
Pressure Tolerance 400 Meters
Battery Life 10 Years
Battery Type User Replaceable
Memory Type Non-Volatile EEPROM
Housing Material Plastic
Attachment Hole 2.8mm (in Diameter)
Software SeaStar PC Software Required (Sold Separately)
OS Compatibility Windows 98, 2000, XP and Vista (32-bit and 64-bit)
Weight 80 grams
Dimensions 20 mm x 130 mm


  • Implantable Temperature Recorder for Animals or Marine Wildlife
  • Animal Science Laboratory Experiments
  • Oceanography, Limnology, Hydrology, Aquaculture Studies and Ecosystem Research
  • Temperature Profiling and Monitoring Fluctuations in Liquids, Vials, Air, Soil, Animals, Etc
  • Pharmaceutical Drug Testing and Studies
  • Transportation of Goods and Packaging Industry
  • Tagging and Monitoring Fish and other Marine Animals
  • Experiments that Require Small Micro Electronic Size Temperature Recording Devices
  • Oil and Gas Industry Temperature Monitoring

Documentation for the Starmon mini Temperature Data Recorder

Seastar Software and Starmon Mini User Manual
Mercury Software User Manual
Mercury Software Troubleshooting Guide
PatternFinder Software User Manual