TandD Data Loggers

RTR-500 Wireless Data Logger System
  • Data Loggers Collect Measured Readings and Data Collectors Wirelessly Gather all Recorded Readings
  • Data Collectors Transmit Data to Email, FTP or TandD Remote Server via GSM Cellular, Wireless or Ethernet Communications
  • 150 Meter Line of Sight Transmission Range with Repeaters Available to Extend Network Range
  • Alarm Notifications Are Sent to Email or Cellphone via SMS
  • Automatic Transmission of Logged Data from all Devices in Network
  • A Complete System Requires a Base Unit (Data Collector) and a RTR-500 Series Wireless Data Logger
TandD Wireless Data Loggers
  • Wireless Communication Loggers
  • Temperature, Humidity, Voltage, Pulse
  • LCD Displays
  • Daisy-chain and Mulitple Loggers connected through Wireless Data Collector
TandD Compact Water Resistant Temperature Data Loggers
  • Internal and External Sensor Options for Measuring Temperature
  • Optical or Infrared Communications Data Retrieval from Logger
  • Battery-Powered with 4-Year Battery Life
  • 1 Second to 60 Minute Sampling Rate
  • Features Blinking LED Indicators, Alarms and LCD Displays
  • Includes Battery and User Manual

Log-Ez Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger Kit

  • Records and Collects Temperature and Humidity Readings
  • 50 Meter Line of Sight Transmission Range Operating on a 2.4 GHz Frequency
  • 0°C to 50°C Temperature and 15% to 90% Humidity Measurement Range
  • User Replaceable 6 Month Battery and LCD Display
  • Kit Includes Wireless Dongle, Logger, Stand with Screws, Battery and User Manual
TandD USB Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers
  • USB-Based Data Loggers
  • Multi-functional LCD Displays
  • Includes Software and USB Cable
TandD Core Temperature Wireless Data Logger w/ Short Temp Sensor
  • 1 Channel Wireless Thermometer and Data Logger
  • Designed for HAACP Compliance Temperature Management
  • Measure and Record with One-Push of "Record" Button
  • Records User Name, Item Name and Judgment Result
  • Includes Batteries, User Manual and 1 Sensor
  • Requires Communications Set
TandD Web Enabled Temperature Logger
  • 2 channels of temperature
  • Ethernet connection
  • Can be connected to a wired or wireless LAN
  • Easy to read multi-functional display
  • E-mail alerts
TandD Web Enabled Temperature Humidity Logger
  • 2 channels temperature / humidity data logger
  • Ethernet connection
  • Can be connected to a wired or wireless LAN
  • Easy to read multi-functional display
  • E-mail alerts
TandD Wide Range Data Logger
  • Measurement Range: -200°C to 600°C (with External Sensor)
  • 2 Temperature Channels
  • 8,000 Readings per Channel
  • Data Tables / Programmed Recording Start
  • Graph / Table Printing Function
Web Data Recorder
  • Network Connected Logger to Measure and Record Analog and On/Off Signals
  • View and Download Measurement Readings using Internet Browser
  • Transmit Recorded Data via Email at Set Intervals
  • Access to recorded Data and Readings via LAN, Internet or Email
  • Includes Software, AC Adapter, LAN Cable and User Manual
TandD 2 Channel Voltage Logger
  • Measures and Records Voltage Signals to ± 15 Volts DC
  • Records 1-5 Volt and 4-20mA Signals
  • Includes Software, AAA Batteries, Input Cables, and RS-232 Serial Cable