DataChart 2000 Paperless Recorders


The DataChart 2000 Paperless Recorder has 2,4,6 or 12 direct universal isolated inputs that are menu selectable for DC Voltage, DC Current and thermocouples. The intuitive touchscreen control provides easy, fast setup and operation.

The brilliant 5.6" (142 mm) active matrix TFT color display (optional) is the largest in its class and with a special anti-glare coated Touchscreen the viewability is second to none. The DC2000 comes standard with a monochrome display.

Several Communication options offer great flexibility in accessing data or controlling the DC2000. Data can be accessed and downloaded over standard phone line using the RS232C option and a modem. The RS485 MODBUS option will allow the DC2000 to be installed into an existing MODBUS network or you can connect up to 31 recorders in series. The 10BaseT Ethernet port option allows for direct connection to LAN's or WAN's and the standard TCP/IP protocol means you can transfer data over the internet.

Included with each DC-2000 Chart Recorder:

1. GD-3 Spreadsheet Export Utility Software 
2. User Manual

Digital Recorder Features

  • 2,4,6, or 12 Direct Universal Inputs: DC Voltage, Current or Thermocouples
  • High Speed Storage Capability: up to 8 Samples per second per channnel
  • Multiple Storage Media Options 3.5" 1.44 MB Disk or 64 MB CompactFlash Card
  • 5.6" Brilliant TFT active Matrix Color Display or 5" Monochrome Display
  • Intuitive Touchscreen Control with anti-glare coating
  • IP65 Rated Front Panel
  • Standard DIN enclosure: 144mm x 144 bezel
  • 6 Relay Contact or Solid State Realy Outputs/ 3 Digital Control Input
  • Parallel Printer Output
  • Serial Output RS232 or RS485
  • 10Base T Ethernet Connection (Optional)
  • Companion Software for unit configuration, communication, data analysis, print and export to standard spreadsheet/database applications

Paperless Recorder Specifications

All information is based on Standard version. 

Input Signals DC Voltage Linear, Industrial Square Root, Logarithmic ±150mV, ± 1.25V, ±2.5 V Accuracy: 0.6%
±12.5V and ±25V Accuracy: 0.1%
DC Current 4-20mA , 0 to 20mA and 10 to 50 mA Accuracy: 0.15% using external 50 ohm 0.1% shunt.
Dry Contact Open = 0, Closed = 1
External Signals can be input via serial port (Modbus)
Input Resolution 0.0015% of full scale, 16 bit unless otherwise stated.
Input Impedance > 10 Meg on 150mV, 1.25V and 2.5V Ranges, > 100K on 5,12.5, 25 Volt Ranges
Input Channels 2,4,6 or 12 Direct
Maximum Input 50 Volt DC
CMNR > 100db, 50/60 Hz
Measurement Rate Measures all dirct input channels every 125 milliseconds.
(Each Channel 8/second independent of # of channels.
Math Functions +,-,x,/,logarithms,totalization, powers,averages,timers, and custom equations.
EMC Compliance Meets or Exceeds the requirements of EMC 89/336/EEC
Recording Rates Selectable from 8/sec to 10 Minutes.
Data Format Proprietary Binary Format for Data Security
Data Storage Data Stored in non-volatile RAM and Recorded automatically, or on demand, to on board removable media.
  Removable Media Measurements Capacity
3.5" Disk 700,000 1.44Mb
Flash Card 31 Million 128Mb
Internal Data Storage 1 or 2 MB RAM (Non-Volatile)
File Types Data files, Alarm and Event files, Configuration files, Language files. Multiple files of different names on a single disk.
Type Color Color: CCFL backlit Active Matrix TFT Liquid Crystal Display (5.6") with touchscreen control.
Mono: CCFL backlit STN Liquid Crystal Display (5.0") with touchscreen control.
Resolution Color: 320 x 240 pixels
Mono: 240 x 128 pixels
Display Modes Graphics (Trending Vertical or Horizontal), Bar Graphs (Vertical or Horizontal), Digital Meters, Alphanumeric Alarm and Event Data or combinatioons on a split screen. Review Trended Data. Search by time, date or signal value.
Virtual Chart Speed Programmable from 0.5in/hr to 600in/hr or 10mm/hr to 15,000mm/hr. Chart Speed is independent of Storage Rate.
Display Windows Time/Date, Graphics (Bars, Large Digital, Trends), Disk Status, Systems Status, Menu Button Bar, Unit Indentification, Alarms/Events.
Power Requirements 100 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz or 125 to 300 VDC, 35VA max.
Power Fail Protection Programmed Parameters stored in non-volatile memory. Clock battery backed. Data retention time without power . 12 months. Chart and alarm browse buffers stored in non-volatile memory.
Safety UL (3111-1), cUL(IEC1010-1), CE low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC. Complies with EN 61010-1.
OS Compatibility Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32 and 64-Bit)
Operating Temperature Disk Drive: 5°C to 40°C per UL3111-1/IEC1010-1
CompactFlash Drive: -10°C to 50°C
Operating Humidity 10% to 80% RH per UL3111-1/IEC1010-1

Documentation: (pdf)

DC2000 Paperless Recorder Brochure & Specifications 

Paperless Recorder Product Options

Display Options

>> Color-Active Matrix Display
>> Monochrome Display

Power Options

>> 90-127, 194-264 VAC 
>> 18-30 VDC 
>> AC Power with Screw Terminals

Channels Options

>> 2 Channels - Universal DC V/I, T/C, RTDs
>> 4 Channels - Universal DC V/I, T/C, RTDs
>> 6 Channels - Universal DC V/I, T/C, RTDs
>> 12 Channels - Universal DC V/I, T/C, RTDs

Removable Data Storage Options

>> 3 1/2" Disk Drive 
>> Compact Flash

Output Options

>> No Alarm Output
>> 6 Form C Relay Contacts 0.25 AMP @ 250 VAC, 3 Control Inputs 
>> 3 Form C Relay Contacts 0.25 AMP @ 250 VAC, 3 Control Inputs
>> 6 Solid State Relays, 0.5 AMP @ 30 VDC, 3 Control Inputs
>> 6 Solid State Relays, 0.5 AMP @ 30 VDC, 3 Control Inputs

Communications Options

>> None
>> RS485/RS232 - Isolated, MODBUS, ASCII 
>> Ethernet (10 Base T)

Memory Options - Internal Data Storage 

>> 1 MB 
>> 2 MB

Printer Options

>> None 
>> Parallel Port (25 Pind D Shell)

Description Part Number
Field Upgradeable Options
2 Channel Universal Input Module Upgrade Kit 2CH-UK
6 Form C Relay Contacts 0.25 AMP @ 250 VAC, 3 Control Inputs ALM-OUT6-2
3 Form C Relay Contacts 0.25 AMP @ 250 VAC, 3 Control Inputs ALM-OUT3-2
6 Solid State Relays, 0.5 AMP@ 30VDC, 3 Control Inputs SSALM-OUT6-2
3 Solid State Relays, 0.5 AMP@ 30VDC, 3 Control Inputs SSALM-OUT3-2
Preventative Maintenance Kit (Carry Handle and Feet) PMK-2
Compact Flash Card Read with USB Cable and SW-3T Windows Software CR-3-2
Companion Windows Software (Data File Transfer, Graphs, Storage, Printing and Export to Spreadsheets) SW-3T
Get Data Spreadsheet Export Utility Software (1 copy included with DC-2000 Unit) GD-3
Real-time Ethernet Software allows simultaneous data storage to PC Guardian
50 Ohm External Shunt Resistor 0.1% Accuracy MAS50R
Carrying Case, Padded Nylon with Shoulder Strap CC-8
Instruction Manual (1 copy included with DC-2000 Unit) MANUAL
DC-2000 NIST Traceable Certificate with Data CAL-NIST