AEMC PowerPad Jr.

Included with each PowerPad Jr. Power Analyzer:

>> Current Probe with 10 ft. lead and black connector
>> Black and Red 10ft. Voltage Leads and Alligator Clips
>> Optical USB Cable
>> NiMH Battery
>> US 120 Volt Power Cord
>> Carrying Bag
>> DataView Software and User Manual

The PowerPad Jr has several probe options:

>> Color-coded 240A MN93 probe (#MN93-BK)
>> Color-coded 1200A SR193 probe (#SR193-BK)
>> Color-coded 6500A 24" AmpFlex™193-24 probe (#193-24-BK)
>> Color-coded 1000A MA193 probe (#MA193-10-BK)
>> Color-coded 6A/120A MN193 probe (#MN193-BK)

Power Quality Analyzer Features

  • Measures up to 660Vrms or Vdc
  • Measures up to 6500Aac or 1400Adc (probe dependent)
  • Displays Min, Max and Average Volts and Amps, Crest Factor, Peak value and K-Factor
  • calculates and displays Watts, VARs and VA, Power Factor and Displacement Power Factor for single-phase and balanced three-phase
  • Displays total harmonic distortion (THD-F and THD-R) for voltage and current
  • Displays individual harmonic values and % for Volts and Amps through the 50th harmonic
  • Captures, Displays and Stores Inrush Current Waveforms and Statistics
  • Stores up to 1MB of trend recorded data
  • Stores up to 8 Screen Captures
  • Includes DataView Software for data storage, real-time waveform display, analysis and report generation
  • Displays and Records up to 17 different power Quality Parameters

Power Pad Jr. Specifications

Voltage (TRMS) Phase-to-Phase:660V
Current (TRMS) MN Clamp: 5mA to 100 mA/120A or 2 to 240A
MR Clamp: 10 to 1000Aac, 10 to 1400Adc
SR Clamp: 3 to 1200A
AmpFlex®:10 to 6500A*
Frequency 40Hz to 70Hz
Other Measurements kW,kVAR,PF,DPF,kWh,KVARh,kVAh,K-Factor,Flicker, Harmonic Phase Shift, Phase Rotation
Harmonics THD-R,THD-F,V,A,VA
1st to 50th, Direction, Sequence
Sampling Frequency 256 Samples/Cycle
Data Storage 1.5MB partitioned for waveforms, alarms and trend recording
Power Source 6 NiMH AA rechargeable Battery Pack
AC Supply: 120/320Vac (50/60Hz)
Battery Life >8 Hours with Display On
>40 Hours with Display Off (Recording Mode)
Communication Port Optically Isolated USB
Display 1/4VGA (320 x 240) color LCD
Dimensions 8.3" H x 4.33" W x 2.4" D (211mm x 108mm x 60mm)
Weight 1.9 lbs (8.8kg)
Safety Rating EN 61010, 600V Cat. III, Polution Degree 2

Part # 8230
Base Price  
Probe Options  
Description Part Number
PowerPad Jr Power Quality Analyzer Accessories
Standard NIST DC Voltage Calibration (1 Point) Note: 3 to 5 Day Lead Time for All Calibration Orders CAL-NIST-DCVOLT
Standard NIST 4-20mA Calibration (1 Point) Note: 3 to 5 Day Lead Time for All Calibration Orders CAL-NIST-420MA
MN93-BK probe (240A) with 10ft leads MN93-BK
SR193-BK Probe (1200A) with 10 ft Leads SR193-BK
24" AmpFlex 193-24-BK Probe ( 6500A) with 10 ft Leads 193-24-BK
MN193-BK Probe (6A/120A) with 10 ft Leads MN193-BK

Documentation: (pdf)

PowerPad Jr Power Quality Data Sheet