Davis DriveRight 600 Vehicle Safety Monitor

Other versions available for vehicles without an OBDII port

Models of DriveRight 600E Available:The DriveRight 600E Data Logger monitors and logs vehicle trip information including detailed driver performance data. The interactive LCD display allows you to set speed, acceleration and deceleration limits and to view trip data. An internal audible alarm alerts drivers whenever one of the preset limits has been exceeded. In the event of an accident or sudden stop, DriveRight 600E also records the vehicle speed for each the 20 seconds before and after a sudden deceleration. Two digital inputs allow DriveRight 600E to monitor vehicle functions such as brake lights, headlights, seatbelt use and power take off (PTO) use. 

1. DriveRight 600E OBD
2. DriveRight 600E VSS
3. DriveRight 600E GD
4. DriveRight 600E HD

Options Available for DriveRight 600E:

1. Fleet Management Software
2. GPS Module (Requires Part #8127 and 8128)
3. DriveRight SmartCard System

NOTE: Large Quantity Discounts Available!

DriveRight 600E Features

  • Logs Speed, Acceleration and Deceleration
  • Automatic creation of an accident log when sudden decelaration
  • Console automatically stores each of the last 20 second of speed for each of the last 20 trips.
  • Allows the monitoring of brake lights, seatbelts, power take off (PTO) switch, and headlights
  • Security features designed to protect data and settings
  • Monitor Mulitple Drivers

4 Models of DriveRight Available

DriveRight 600E OBD

The Drive Right 600E OBD (Part # 8126OBD) is for vehicles with an OBDII port. It uses the on-board diagnostic port for installation, found on foreign and domestic passenger cars, model-year 1996 and later built for sale in the US and Canada. Some vehicles are excluded. The OBD port was made mandatory in all passenger and light-duty vehicles sold in the USA starting in 1996. The port can be found in some vehicles sold outside of the USA and Canada, but there is no consistent pattern of which makes and models will work, and which won't.

DriveRight 600E VSS

For vehicles with electronic speed sensors (VSS), including most 1994 and later model-years, and some earlier model-years with cruise control. VSS requires a vehicle that produces a pulsing wire that varies with speed. This is a signal commonly used by a vehicle’s cruise control, thus vehicles which have cruise control as an option are likely to have this pulsed wire. The location of the wire varies from vehicle to vehicle and from year to year.

DriveRight 600E GD

For vehicles without VSS sensors. Mounts on the vehicle's driveshaft or CV joint. General-duty model for most cars, light-duty vans, and pickup trucks.

DriveRight 600E HD

Mounts on the vehicle's driveshaft or CV joint. Heavy-duty model for large trucks, busses, and off-road vehicles.

GD and HD consist of a reed-switch sensor and a magnet that is mounted on a driveshaft or other spinning point on a vehicle. The reed switch counts the revolutions of the magnet, and reports that pulse to the console. The installer calibrates each console to match the frequency of the revolutions to the vehicle’s speed.

DriveRight Additional Options

The Fleet Management Software provides powerful reporting and data storage capabilities using the data recorded by the DriveRight 600E data logger. The optional Fleet Management Software is compatible with five popular database platforms. Learn more about the optional Fleet Management Software.

The GPS Module provides detailed information of a vehicle’s route by recording the latitude and longitude at user programmable interval. The GPS option consists of a Wireless Interface Module (#8127) and the GPS Module (#8128). Compatible with Microsoft MapPoint or Streets & Trips. Learn more about the optional GPS Module.

The DriveRight SmartCard System is a wireless system allowing for quick and easy automatic download to the PC. It authenticates driver ID and simplifies administrative tasks. Drivers just pull into the parking lot and their data is instanteously downloaded and made available.

Data Logger Specifications

Speed Displays current speed in MPH or km/h
Records Maximum Speed for each Trip
Records Total Time in which speed exceeded set limit for each trip
Accuracy: ±1%
Acceleration and Deceleration Displays current acceleration in g's (an acceleration of 22 MPH/sec or 35 km/h/sec)
Records number of times acceleration exceeds specified limit for each trip
Records number of times deceleration exceeds specified limit for each trip
Accuracy: ±5%
Alarms Audible alarm for exceeding speed, acceleration, deceleration limits
Visible alarm message for exceeding speed, acceleration, and deceleration limits
Drive ID/Location ID code entry reminder alarm (requires software to set)
Distance Displays and records total distance travelled during current trip in miles or kilometers.
Records overall distance (odometer requires software to set)
Specifies miles as business, personal, commute or other
Accuracy: ±1%
Time & Date Displays current date in Month:Day or Day:Month format
Displays current time in 12 or 24 hour format
Records start and end time for each trip
Records total time for each trip
Accuracy: ±2 Seconds/Day
Accident Logs Records vehicle speed in last 20 seconds before and after deceleration limit exceeded.
Stores 10 separate accident logs
Stores the last 20 seconds of each of the last 20 trips
Security Owner0-specified 4-digit password protects settings and data
Tamper indicator message appears if unit is disconnected
Tamper indicator appears if incorrect security password is entered 5 times
Tamper log stores time and date of last 10 tamper alerts
Time and Date of each connect and disconnect is recorded.
Vehicle Speed Sensor OBDII port, VSS input or reed switch sensor with magnet for mounting on vehicle driveshaft of rear wheel drive vehicles or on the CV Joint of front wheene drive vehicles
Lamp Illuminated Display
Primary Power 11 to 18 VDC (12 VDC Nominal)
Secondary Power 3-Volt CR123 Lithium Battery allows unit to be removed from car.
Battery operating time is approximately 260 Hours when it is disconnected from vehicle. Battery Life is up to 4 months in sleep mode.
Digital Inputs
(Used to monitor operation of brakes, headlights and other 12-volt accessories)
2 Digital Inputs: Input 1: green wire; Input 2: yellow wire
Input Impedance: > 1 Megohm
High Input Range: 3 VDC min to system voltage max
Low Input Range: -0.5 min to 1.0 VDC max
Input 1 Sampling: Start and Stop of Trip, GPS Record, Accident Log
Input 2 Sampling: Start and Stop of Trip, GPS Record
(1 power & 2 Digital Input)
3AG, 0.25A, Slo-Blo (1.25" x 0.25" or 6.4 x 31.8mm)
Temperature Display Temperature Range: -4°F to 185°F (-20°C to 85°C)
Operating Temperature Range: -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)
Size Console: 5.25" x 2.25" x 0.86" (132mm x 57mm x 22mm)
LCD Display Size: 3.20" x 1.30" (81mm x 33mm)
Mounting Options Visor clip for mounting on visor or door pockets
Double-sided tape for mounting on dashboard and other surfaces
Velcro with pressure-sensitive adhesive for mounting on dashboard and other surfaces
Mounting bracket with right-angle adapter for special mounting needs


Description Part Number
Davis DriveRight 600, OBDII Installation 8126OBD
Davis DriveRight 600, VSS Installation 8126VSS
Davis DriveRight 600, General Duty 8126GD
Davis DriveRight 600, Heavy Duty 8126HD
Fleet Management Software
Davis Fleet Management Software 8186
GPS Module
GPS Wireless Interface Module for DR600 (1 per Vehicle) 8127
GPS Module (1 per vehicle) 8128
SmartCard System
GPS Wireless Interface Module for DR600 (1 per Vehicle) 8127
Wireless On-Board Module 8129
Base Station for Wireless Download System 8130
Configuration Cable for Wireless On-Board Module 8131

Documentation: (pdf)
DriveRight 600E Specifications
DriveRight 600E OBDII Installation Guide
DriveRight 600E User Guide
DriveRight 600E GPS Module Specifications Guide
DriveRight 600E GPS Wireless Interface Specifications Guide
DriveRight 600E Installation Guide