SolarStream Wireless Data Transceiver


The SolarStream wireless modem from Upward Innovations is designed to wirelessly transmit data from remote HOBO Weather Stations and Micro Stations using solar power. The SolarStream automatically sends the station data to a secure Internet server, which provides easy access to current and historical data from any Internet browser. SolarStream can be configured to send alert messages to users via cell-phone text messages or email when conditions exceed limits. In addition to purchasing the SolarStream modem, a subscription to USA Mobility's 2-way paging network is required. Service options start at $10 per month.

Users can access remote data securely from any Internet-enabled computer. By simply entering a user name and password, users can view or download their data over a secure 128-bit encrypted connection. Customers can also change parameters at the remote site such as logging interval and server update rate with an easy-to-use web interface.


  • Nationwide wireless coverage (check coverage area)
  • Smart charging solar technology
  • Automatically transmits data to DataGarrison™ secure data centers

Compatible Weather Stations

  • HOBO Weather Station
  • HOBO Micro Station
Part Number:  SolarStream

Note: A subscription to USA Mobility's 2-way paging network is also required.


Temperature Range -40° to 80° C (-40° to 176° F)
Power Six volt rechargeable battery pack and 1 Watt
solar panel designed to last up to 15 years. Will
typically operate for one month in clouded
Solar charging: Temperature compensated charging voltage
optimizes battery life and performance
Weight 1.4 kg (3 lbs)
Dimensions 12.7 X 7.6 X 17.8 cm (5 X 3 X 7 inches)
Environmental Rating NEMA 6 weatherproof
Communication Two serial ports for configuration and interfacing
with external serial device
Operational modes Standby and low power
Server update User configurable from every 2 minutes to once
a month
Remote alarms User configurable low battery alarm and high/low
sensor value alarms. Maximum latency: logging
interval plus two minutes.
Remote control SolarStream and the attached weather station
can be controlled over the Web. Functions
include checking battery state and changing the
server update rate or data logging interval.
Data formats Tab-delimited text and BoxCar Pro
Mounting Sun-facing wall or pole. Separate bracket
needed for mounting on poles from 1.5 to 2
inches in diameter.
Frequency 920 MHz
Wireless Network USA Mobility's nationwide two-way Reflex
Coverage Works in areas including over 90 percent of the
US population, and significant areas of Canada,
Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.
Federal specifications FCC certified and authorized for use in Canada


Description Part Number
SolarStream Wireless Data Transceiver SolarStream
Optional Accessories
Mounting Bracket BRK-001

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