Pressure Chart Recorder


Supco Chart Recorder with LED Display for Pressure

The Pressure Chart Recorder with remote sensor employs advanced microcontroller design that enables this versatile instrument to accurately record the presence of voltage, light and sound events. The LED Display can read length of event, time between events or total number of events. Selector switches located on the face panel allow for the recording of 3 different event modes at 4 different recording speeds.

Included with each Pressure Chart Recorder:

> 6ft Cable with Stainless Steel Pressure Sensor 
>> 2 Cartridge Pens 
>> 60 (6" Diameter) Assorted Charts

Multiple Versions Available:

>> 110 - 120 VAC, PSI Readings (#CR87P)
>> 220 - 240 VAC, PSI Readings (#CR87P220)
>> 110 - 120 VAC, BAR Readings (#CR87PB)
>> 220 - 240 VAC, BAR Readings (#CR87PB220)

Pressure Chart Recorder Features

  • Advanced Microcontroller Design for Reliability
  • Large LED Digital Displaying Pressure Readings
  • All Controls are Located on Front Panel for Fast and Easy Setup
  • Includes Pressure Sensor with 6ft Long Cable
  • Single or Continuous Chart Rotation
  • Standard Adapter for 120 VAC Operation (220 VAC Optional)
  • Battery Backup assures Normal Operation During Power Interruptions
  • 12 VAC Operations for Vehicular or Marine Operations
  • Convenient Fold Down Carrying Handle
  • Snap-On Extra Support Legs
  • Free Standing or Wall Mounted

Pressure Chart Recorder Specifications

Chart Diameter 6 Inches
Chart Rotation Mode Selectable, Continuous or Single Turn
Chart Speed Selectable 6 Hours, 24 Hours, 7 Days, 31 Days
Chart Speed Accuracy ±1%
Charts 60 assorted (Included)
Display 3 Digit 0.5" LED
Pressure Range PSI Model:
0 to 500 PSI, 0 to 150 PSI, 0 to 50 PSI

BAR Model:
0 to 35 BAR, 0 to 10 BAR, 0 to 3.5 BAR
Ambient Operating Temperature Range 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C)
Ambient Operating Relative Humidity 96% Maximum
Remote Pressure Sensor 6ft Long Stainless Steel 17-4 Pressure Port 1/4 NPT, Burst Pressure 2500PSI, rated for any Gas or Fluid Compatible with 17-4 Stainless Steel
Primary Power Supply 120 VAC, 50/60Hz or 220-240 VAC, 50/60Hz (Optional)
Alternative Power 12 V Vehicle operation with optional Adapter
Battery Backup 8 AA Alkaline Batteries (not included)
Battery Life 48 Continuous Hours
Recording Pen Ink Type
Dimensions 9 1/4" x 7 1/4" x 2 3/4"
Weight 4 lbs., 7 oz.


Description Part Number
Supco Pressure Chart Recorder (0 to 500 PSI - 110V) CR87P
Supco Pressure Chart Recorder (0 to 500 PSI - 220V) CR87P220
Supco Pressure Chart Recorder (0 to 35 BAR - 110V) CR87PB
Supco Pressure Chart Recorder (0 to 35 BAR - 220V) CR87PB220
Replacement Pressure Sensors
Replacement Pressure Sensor and Adapter CR87PA
Recording Charts
Recording Charts, 6 Hrs. 0-50 PSI 6H50PSI
Recording Charts, 6 Hrs. 0-150 PSI 6H150PSI
Recording Charts, 6 Hrs. 0-500 PSI 6H500PSI
Recording Charts, 24 Hr. 0-35 BAR 24H35BAR
Recording Charts, 24 Hr. 0-10 BAR 24H10BAR
Recording Charts, 7 Day 0-35 BAR 7D35BAR
Recording Charts, 7 Day 0-10 BAR 7D10BAR
Recording Charts, 7 Day 0-3.5 BAR 7D3.5BAR
Recording Charts, 7 Day 0-50 PSI 7D50PSI
Recording Charts, 7 Day 0-150 PSI 7D150PSI
Recording Charts, 7 Day 0-500 PSI 7D500PSI
Recording Charts, 31 Day 0-50 PSI 31D50PSI
Recording Charts, 31 Day 0-150 PSI 31D150PSI
Recording Charts, 31 Day 0-500 PSI 31D500PSI
Replacement Pens
Black Replacement Pen for Supco Chart Recorders CRPEN
Red Replacement Pen for Supco Chart Recorders CRPENR
Blue Replacement Pen for Supco Chart Recorders CRPENB
Standard NIST Calibration Service
NIST Pressure Calibration CAL-NIST-PR
NIST Calibration for 1 Additional Pressure Point CAL-NIST-PR+